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Benefits of Chiropractic Spinal Adjustment

Seeing a chiropractor is helpful for not only reducing any current pain but for improving all systems of the body and optimizing overall health.

Chiropractors are unique in their practice, as they offer a holistic approach to each patient, stepping away from the acute area of pain and understanding where the body’s organs, muscles or joints are at interplay and possibly, facing interruption. Chiropractors considered medical history, work, lifestyle and diet as a part of the body’s optimal function. Below are a few (there are so many!) of the benefits of seeing a chiropractor at Luxxey Chiropractic in Tempe.

8 Benefits of Chiropractic Spinal Adjustment 

Back and neck pain

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Spinal and manual manipulation allow a chiropractor to reduce your symptoms of back and neck pain. Constant care with a chiropractor will allow for continual assessment of the spine, helping to reduce the onset of pain in the back and neck caused by posture or lifestyle. In the event of injury, the chiropractor will work with you to realign your spine and remedy pinched nerves or herniated discs.

Organ function

Chiropractic care focuses on the nervous system, which oversees the function of every organ in the body. By realigning the spine and fluid movement, messages can easily get to all cells, tissues and organs. When one organ is not functioning properly, it has a domino effect on other organs, if not the entire rest of the body. The problem might be related to a spinal misalignment, which a chiropractor can safely remedy.


Chiropractors can help relieve pain related to sciatica through various treatments that reduce the pressure on discs and vertebrae in the lower spine. Often, a nerve gets pinched when a person rests all their weight on their lower back for long periods of time. Creating space relieves the nerves and consequently, the painful symptoms.

Mental Clarity

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The spine houses the central nervous system, the central nervous system oversees all organ functioning and organs play a key role in optimal mental functioning. Between keeping the body running efficiently and avoiding fatigue to checking in on communication with glands that secrete important hormones, spinal adjustments can go a long way in clearing the mind and reducing depression, pain and anxiety.  


Many patients suffer from migraines and cluster headaches, which can both be accompanied by a tightness at the top of the neck. A chiropractor will adjust your spine to relieve the tension at the top of the neck, help manage the pain associated with the headaches and help you find alternative lifestyle choices that can help combat the headaches from returning.

Bowel regularity

Stress, diet and infections all play a part in your body’s digestive capacity and functioning. A chiropractor will evaluate all of these factors when determining how to improve your bowel regularity. In some cases, it might be compressed nerves causing the malfunction of your digestive organs. Spinal adjustments can help to clear the compression and return your bodily system back to normal.

Arthritis and joint pain

Spinal adjustments help to reduce inflammation in the body and any joint restrictions that might be causing pain. By seeing a chiropractor regularly, patients who suffer from arthritis and other joint pain can experience pain relief and learn to reduce the causes of their joint inflammation outside of appointments.


The endeavor to treat scoliosis includes spinal repositioning, muscle relaxation and retraining the brain to use the newly positioned spinal joints and muscles. A chiropractor will work with you through adjustments, massages, stretches, exercises, diet and lifestyle to improve your health and functioning with scoliosis.

Come into Luxxey Chiropractic

The benefits of chiropractic care are abundant, and each one keeps a holistic approach to your health and lifestyle as the top priority. Come into Luxxey Chiropractic to learn more about how our team can help relieve neck and back pain and improve your overall quality of life.


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