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Best Sleeping Positions for Scoliosis

What’s the Best Scoliosis Sleeping Position?

For those suffering from scoliosis, the spines abnormal curvature can cause pain during sleeping and make resting difficult. Chiropractic treatment along with simple modifications to your sleeping arrangements can help you get a better night’s sleep.

Can a Chiropractor Help Scoliosis?

Yes, scoliosis treatments by a chiropractor can help reduce pain with adjustments and therapies, as well as the use of a supportive brace, to thwart further degradation, and increase your quality of life.

Other Recommendations:

A high-quality firm or medium-firm mattress that adequately supports your back’s neutral position is ideal. A couch or futon is not!

A proper sleeping position can help provide some relief and can play a key role in managing pain and optimizing breathing. Don’t sleep on your stomach, instead, try sleeping on your back or side. More than 60% of Americans sleep on their side, and many people who suffer from scoliosis find this to be the optimal position. It helps keep the spine straight and neutral; there is also less risk of sleep apnea.

Supporting the spine with strategic placement of pillows can help support your curves while keeping your spine neutral. Avoid large pillows for your head as they’ll push your spine out of alignment. Small pillows are handy for supporting your spine in many places.

Try to avoid the forward, bent-head position of texting as this position is terrible for people with scoliosis. It puts pressure on the spinal cord and compresses blood vessels to the spinal cord. Texting with poor posture can damage the spinal cord and degenerate vertebra over time.

Sleeping with the lights on can cause melatonin secretion to slow or stop when your child sleeps. Since melatonin is secreted primarily while you sleep, even the faintest light can effect your sleep. Use a nightlight if necessary.

Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us if you have any questions about the benefits chiropractic treatment.

From all our team at Luxxey Chiropractic, we wish you a good nights sleep, just like this pug here.

Image of pug sleeping.

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