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Ear pain

Chiropractic and Ear Infections – Relieve Your Pain

Chiropractic medicine has many health benefits that go beyond the pain relief of skeletal adjustments and alignments. Such techniques relieve pain in specific and obvious areas and at times immediately, but other areas that are not as obvious, such as ear infections, that can also experience pain relief.

Otitis Media (OM as it is commonly referred to) is among the most common childhood illnesses throughout the world. OM is an ear infection that is usually caused by bacteria or viruses. Common symptoms include ear pain and fever, while less common symptoms include fluid drainage from the ear or hearing loss.

While this is a common illness, it can largely be prevented through chiropractic care. Up to 1% of children are affected by OM in developed countries and as many as 45% of children are affected in developing countries, according to a 2004 World Health Organization report. If more children received chiropractic treatment early on, such ear infections would occur far less and more healthy children would be a result.

When should children begin chiropractic care to avoid Otitis Media?

Children are most commonly affected by this type of ear infection around 2 years old and it can affect children up to six years old. Without treatment, this infection can persist into middle adulthood. Because ear infections can be painful and debilitating, it is important to visit an otolaryngologist with your child to get an ear exam. After the visit, schedule an appointment with a chiropractor to begin chiropractic treatments to help avoid OM.

If your child complains of soreness, pain, or discomfort in or around the area surrounding the ear, they may be experiencing symptoms of Otitis Media. Other OM symptoms include fever, trouble sleeping, loss of appetite, irritable behavior, and fluid drainage from the ear. If your child suffers from these symptoms, consult with a professional immediately.

Symptoms that children can experience include:Doctor Examining Boy's Ear

  • Dizziness, problems keeping their balance, and uncoordinated movements.
  • Ringing or popping sounds in the ear.
  • The buildup of pressure in the ear, which will cause children to rub their ears in an attempt to relieve the uncomfortable feeling.

Chiropractic and ear infections are something every parent should consider. It’s never too early to talk about your child’s ear health and learn about your options.

In the case of ear infections and inflammation, there are typically two approaches that work and are most effective in relieving pain and symptoms. These include a change in the child’s diet, which is also often a change in the family’s diet, and the environment the child lives in. Another approach is to incorporate chiropractic treatment early in a child’s life to help prevent an infection or to help mitigate symptoms.

Along with regular check-ups and a healthy diet and environment, it is a good idea to keep the immune system working properly so that it can fight off any illness. Chiropractic care has been shown to provide a boost to the immune system, which can help prevent ear infections from developing.

There is a clean connection between chiropractic care and ear infections. Implementing chiropractic treatments can help improve middle ear drainage and decrease ear infections and symptoms.

Chiropractic care is a safe, non-invasive treatment for both children and adults. The benefits outweigh the risks associated with ear infections and general health problems. Contact a chiropractor today to learn more about how you can help your child be the healthiest they can be and prevent any pain associated with their ears. Remember, prevention is far better than pain, so schedule a chiropractic treatment today.

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