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Chiropractic doing spinal mobilisation

Common Side Effects of Chiropractic Treatment

We understand that there are individuals out there that may be a bit skeptical of chiropractors and just how helpful they can be. Sure, the internet may be full of horror stories trying to scare you off from trusting your health in the hands of chiropractors. But the truth is that chiropractors not only help treat pain, they also help prevent, treat and improve a wide range of health-related issues.

While some people (most who haven’t tried chiropractic treatment) believe that they will only crack your back and send you on your way. Well, if you suffer from back, neck, hip pain or a long list of other ailments (easy to search), chiropractic treatment may be the best initial course of action.

You owe it to yourself to experience chiropractic treatment but that’s enough about why you should go and now we’ll discuss some common side effects that you may face after your adjustment.

There are four common reactions that patients may experience after spinal manipulation treatment but they often disappear shortly after treatment with no lasting side effects. Toxic release, nausea, headaches/dizziness and muscle soreness are the most prevalent sensations felt by patients.

Toxic Release

This will most often occur after a patient’s first treatment (about 20% will experience this). Toxins can build up in the fluids and joint space throughout our body and when you undergo chiropractic manipulation, those toxins are expelled from those joints and out into circulation throughout your body.

While this reaction is a clear sign that the body is responding as it should to the treatment, it does mean that you may experience some mild flu-like symptoms. These are a result of your body’s reaction to the newly introduced toxins but there should be no need to become alarmed.

Common symptoms of toxic release include fatigue, headaches, tight muscles and diarrhea. These symptoms will not last long (but if they do or get worse, consult your physician). The best way to try and prevent this reaction from happening is to drink extra water before and after your treatment in order to help flush the toxins from your body.


feeling sick to your stomach for a brief period of time following a chiropractic adjustment is a common side effect as well. This is a direct result of the positions that you may be put in to be adjusted. Discomfort and prolonged periods of lying on your stomach are enough to cause nausea. Neck manipulations can result in nausea sensations as well.

There is no need for alarm if you are part of the small percentage of chiropractic patients that experience nausea but if it does not subside quickly, generic over-the-counter medications can help settle your stomach.


these two side effects are often connected to the two previously discussed ones but still can surface on their own. The positions you are put in for manipulations and the release of toxins can both cause headaches and dizziness.

Muscle Soreness and Pain

when your spine or other joints are out of alignment, you may not experience any pain because your body has adjusted overtime and accepted these new joint positions as normal.

However, when your chiropractor manipulates your spine and other joints back into proper alignment, your muscles may be sore and painful as they are not used to the new position. It often feels similar to the soreness and pain experienced after a difficult workout. Also, muscle soreness can also occur as a result of the toxins that are released.

In very rare circumstances, patients may experience severe pain after chiropractic treatments that can come from serious complications such as herniated disks and/or nerve impingement. While extremely rare, it is best to disclose all prior injuries and current symptoms to your chiropractor prior to any treatment.

Now, that you know the common side effects that you may potentially experience and none of them are the cause of serious concern, stop living in pain and seek treatment. At Luxxey Chiropractic, my team and I strive to provide the best overall experience possible for our patients.

Whether you’ve been involved in a personal injury accident or would like to start chiropractic treatment as a preventative measure, we will make sure that you not only feel better physically but will help to improve your quality of life. Call us today at (602)566-9642 or visit to schedule your appointment.

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