Luxxey Chiropractic | What to Do If You Have a Migraine from Dehydration?
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Man having a migraine from Dehydration

What to Do If You Have a Migraine from Dehydration?

In our busy lives, we sometimes forget to take care of ourselves or don’t manage to find the time. We are often focused on our routine, but not on our health, which can take its toll and manifest in many different ailments including headaches and migraines.

A headache is a general pain felt in or around the head. Many people experience headaches, the most common type is a tension headache. This type of a headache is often caused by tight muscles in your neck, scalp, jaw, and shoulders. Tension headaches can be related to stress, anxiety, or depression that can further lead to other problems causing people to miss work or school.

By contrast, a migraine is more severe and can cause a pulsating sensation or throbbing pain in the head, usually occurring on just one side. This type of a headache can be accompanied by extreme sensitivity to sound and light, nausea, and sometimes vomiting.

A migraine headache can last for hours or days and the pain can be debilitating.

Both a headache and a migraine can result from many factors including alcohol, glaucoma, medication, and teeth grinding at night. Another culprit can be dehydration.

Dehydration occurs when the amount of fluids the body loses exceeds the amount of fluids that are taken in. There is a fine balance that must be maintained to avoid a migraine from dehydration.

Be mindful of the amount of water you consume on a daily basis.


The most common methods used to treat headaches are medication and a good night’s rest. But you don’t have to resort to pills or naps, drinking enough water throughout the day, and night can help regulate your hydration level and reduce or eliminate migraines.

Woman taking a nap to feel better after Migraine from Dehydration

If you experience a migraine from dehydration, there are a number of things you can do. Keep in mind that these treatments are temporary; you should work on preventing them in the first place by consuming enough liquids to stabilize your system and keep your body hydrated.

Increasing your fluid intake the moment you begin to feel a headache can mitigate a migraine resulting from dehydration. Don’t wait until you finish a task at work or until you get home, address the issue immediately before it gets worse. You can also replace lost electrolytes with coconut water or sports drinks. Try to avoid drinks high in sugar as they can add to your headache.

If you’re working out or working outside, consider taking a break. Decreasing your physical activity and avoiding the sun and heat can help reduce your headache and loss of water through sweating. Pay attention to how much water you lose and how much you consume.

As a general rule, if your urine is yellow then you are already dehydrated. Monitor the color of your urine to help gauge your hydration level. The more clear your urine is, the more hydrated you are.

Treating a migraine can take time and can be a trial and error situation. If you experience a severe headache, you can resort to medication for relief. In the most serious cases, intravenous fluid and salt replacement can be administered to manage and reverse dehydration.

But you want to avoid getting that far, so instead work on prevention techniques. Remember to hydrate more frequently during hot weather and exercise. Eat fluid-rich foods such as watermelon, cucumber, and apples. Avoid consuming a lot of alcohol or caffeine as they can increase your urine output and lead to dehydration faster.

Keep these prevention methods in mind as they can definitely help reduce or avoid migraines from dehydration. But if you experience severe headaches or migraines that you cannot alleviate, consult a professional.

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