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Chiropractic Spinal Adjustment Specialist in Tempe

The spinal adjustment is at the core of what Dr. Colby Giles at Luxxey Chiropractic in Tempe, Arizona offers. By restoring the function and position of the spine, Dr. Giles can help patients treat an extensive list of health conditions, including everything from weak immunity to chronic pain. Spinal adjustment does much more than just reduce and treat back pain, and that’s why Dr. Giles recommends this for all of his patients, regardless of their symptoms.

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Spinal Adjustment Q & A

What is a spinal adjustment?

Spinal adjustment is one of the most common and well-known therapeutic procedures available to chiropractors. The goal of an adjustment is to restore joint mobility to the joints in the spinal column through carefully applied controlled force. This force restores proper mobility to an injured joint, putting it back into proper alignment.

Why is spinal adjustment necessary?

When a joint, particularly in the back, becomes restricted in its movement, the injured tissues undergo physical and chemical changes. This leads to inflammation and the inability for the nervous system to carry messages properly. This hurts the individuals’ overall wellness,

The injuries that lead to this restriction of movement can be from a variety of causes, including:

  • Trauma or accident
  • A fall
  • Poor lifting
  • Repetitive stress
  • Improper posture

Regardless of the cause, healing begins with a spinal adjustment.

Do spinal adjustments hurt?

Spinal adjustments when performed by a qualified chiropractor don’t hurt. Some patients will have minor muscle pain after the adjustment as the body adjusts to the right spinal position, but this goes away after a few hours. The adjustment itself isn’t painful, and many patients experience quick relief from their pain after adjustment.

Is spinal adjustment safe for children?

Yes. Dr. Giles uses a gentle technique on babies and children that restores mobility of the spine and reduces many common childhood complaints, without pain, discomfort, or undue risk. In fact, spinal adjustment is critical to helping a child achieve his or her full potential and optimal growth.

Is spinal adjustment safe for pregnant women?

Yes. Many expectant moms come to Dr. Giles for care and find that having routine spinal adjustments during pregnancy helps alleviate many pregnancy discomforts and improve the body’s ability to birth the baby. Dr. Giles is highly trained in safe techniques to use during pregnancy to restore mobility to the joints and alleviate the back and hip pain common during this time of life. The changing body and loosening joints during pregnancy can cause spinal misalignment, and spinal adjustment compensates for this, and many obstetricians are starting to recommend chiropractic care to their patients as a natural solution to the complaints of pregnancy. To schedule a consultation, pregnant women can call Luxxey Chiropractic today.

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