Luxxey Chiropractic | Patient History
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About Your Health

The human body is designed to be healthy. Throughout life, events occur which damage your health expression. This case history will uncover the layers of damage, especially to your nerve system, that have resulted in poor health. Following your exam, your Chiropractor will outline a course of care to begin to correct these layers of damage and recover your innate health potential.

About Your Care

Chiropractic provides three types of care. The first is Initial Intensive Care which corrects the most recent layer of Spinal and Neurological damage (VSC). This care usually reduces or eliminates the symptoms. Then begins Reconstructive Care which corrects the years of damage that occurred when there were few symptoms. And finally, Chiropractic offers a genuine approach to Wellness Care. These options will be explained at your report of findings. Then you’ll be able to begin a course of care that fits your health goals.

Patient Information

Loss of Wellness

At birth, when your nerve system is first damaged, your wellness begins to decrease and the journey to ill health starts. Let's begin at birth when you first damaged your nerve system, lost your wellness and began your journey to ill health.


* (if answer is YES)

Did your mother:


* (if answer is YES)

3. BIRTH - AGE 5

* (if answer is YES)

Loss of Whole Body Health

As layers of damage increased, you probably began to experience symptoms and random bouts of sickness.


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Accident history

Symptoms and Ill Health (Present State of Ill Health)

Years of untreated damage showed up as acute or chronic symptoms.

Other Symptoms:

Present Complaint

Family History:

Referral Information