9 No-Brainer Chiropractic Marketing Ideas to Boost Your Business

Every year, over 35 million Americans receive treatment from chiropractors. If you’re trying to earn more of that business, using effective chiropractic marketing ideas may help you grow your business.

Creating a positive image and experience is essential in increasing patient scheduling.

You can also use effective promotional ideas to help new people hear about your business. Test out different chiro marketing ideas to see which ones feel the best for you. Measure your results to see which ones are the most effective.

These nine chiropractic marketing strategies can get you started.

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How to Have a Great Client Relationship — Secrets You Should Know | by  Sandeep Kashyap | Thrive Global | Medium

Your existing client base is a valuable source of business. Building personal relationships can help your business grow in two ways.

By giving them a caring, quality healthcare service, you’re building loyalty and encouraging them to come back.

One study shows that of people who’ve received recent chiropractic care, the average in the previous 12 months was 11 visits. That’s a lot of potential repeat business if you give your clients a reason to keep trusting you as “their” chiropractor.

When you impress your clients, you also give them a reason to share your business with others. This can earn you new business.

Get to know your clients, and take time with them instead of rushing.


Video marketing is the future of content marketing | SmartBrief

Helping your clients find you is easier when you have content online. Writing blog posts or articles on your website offers SEO opportunities to improve your site rank in search results.

Video can help give you a more personal connection to patients. They can see your face, hear your voice, and develop familiarity with you before scheduling an appointment.

The content also shows visitors that you’re knowledgeable about chiropractic care. You can use that to build trust with potential patients.


15 Tips to Building a Better Social Media Presence | Sprout Social

Your social media accounts give you a free connection to locals who are also likely patients. Effective social media campaigns target a specific audience and have expected goals and outcomes.

You don’t want to push your business and tell people they should schedule an appointment. Use social media to educate your followers and show you know your chiropractic care.

Interact with the people who post on your social media pages. Build those relationships before customers even schedule an appointment with you.


Since you’re targeting a local audience, hosting local in-person events can be useful. It’s your chance to become better know in the community. You can also establish yourself as an expert in the chiropractic and wellness community.

Host an educational event at your office or at a larger venue that can hold more people. You can do a talk or have an open house event where people can check out the office and chat with your staff.

Consider creating a series of talks on various chiropractic-related topics. This keeps people coming back and gives you repeated exposure to more people.

If you’re not sure what topics to cover, think about the common questions and concerns you hear from your patients. You might do a talk about how chiropractors help with headaches. Or address the common concerns or reasons people hesitate to see a chiropractor.

You can also cover seasonal topics, such as how adjustments can reduce pain (and therefore stress) during the holidays. At back-to-school time, you might host a talk on how chiropractic care can help student-athletes who are getting ready for their upcoming seasons.

Send attendees home with printed materials with your logo on them as a reminder of your practice.


Another way to get your name into the community is by sponsoring local events or sports teams. You might sponsor a local charity run or other events in the wellness niche. Sponsorship often means you can host a booth at the event, which gives you a chance to network with locals and share information.


Every interaction you have with patients goes into building your reputation. One unhappy client can quickly threaten your credibility as a quality chiropractor.

Whether or not you pay attention to your reputation, your business has one. People talk in person and online about their experiences.

Monitor what’s being said about your business. Check review sites and your social media pages.

Encourage your happy patients to leave positive feedback and high ratings for you online. Build out a testimonial or review page on your website to share the experiences of your happy clients.

If someone leaves negative comments about your business, address the issue.


What makes your chiropractic business different than your competitors?

Maybe you offer a unique type of adjustment or specialize in a specific type of chiropractic care. Perhaps your office has a soothing, spa-like feel. Or you may be a leader in the industry with extensive experience.

Whatever makes you different, make sure your clients and potential clients know about it. Use that unique aspect as a value proposition. You give your patients value because of that experience, service, or other exceptional quality.


Seek out other wellness businesses in your community that aren’t direct competitors. Examples include massage therapists and acupuncturists.

Work to promote one another to your existing client base. You might refer clients who could benefit from those services in addition to your chiropractic care, and the other business can do the same for you.

On social media, you can share each other’s posts. You might partner to host a joint giveaway on social media.


Reward the behavior you’d like to see happen. Rewarding patients who are willing to take action is a great way to reinforce your offices’ commitment to health. Be cautious of your state laws regarding compensation, but when applicable and appropriate; show your appreciation for actions such as referrals and follow through.


Providing quality care is an integral part of growing your business, but you also need to use chiropractic marketing ideas to help more people hear about you. Getting referrals and building your reputation as a quality chiropractor in the community can help.

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